Developmental screening can be billed using CPT billing code 96110 or ICD-10 Z13.4. This covers the time a physician scores, reviews results, and interprets findings.  Billing for developmental screening using these codes requires documentation that the screening was given and notes any action taken, such as follow-up screening, developmental milestone information, or referral to community agency or community resource. Reimbursement rates vary by insurance provider. Contact insurance providers directly to learn the reimbursement rate.  For Behavioral/Social Emotional screening of young children use CPT code 96127. For Maternal Depression use CPT Code 96161.


Downloadable Materials

  1. Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive Developmental Screening Passport 
  2. Sample Workflow from Help Me Grow Ventura County
  3. Sample of a Behavioral Health Referral Mechanism – from Alameda County
  4. Developmental Screening Landscape Analysis – California Statewide Screening Colloaborative



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